3 Tips For Buying A Wedding Dress After Losing Weight

After you've lost a lot of weight, it's likely that you have begun to throw out a lot of your old clothing and buy new clothes that will fit you better and be more flattering. When you're making plans for your upcoming wedding, you may be feeling overwhelmed by needing a wedding dress that's going to fit you more comfortably. Instead of rushing into choosing just any wedding dress, consider the following tips that can help make the buying process much more comfortable. [Read More]

Getting Married Soon? Top Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Big Day

One of the most special days of your life may be when you get married. Finding a person you love and want to spend time with is essential. You'll want to make the absolute most out of your wedding day by planning. It's ideal to do the right things if you wish to have the best ceremony ever and a fantastic memory to think back on later. 1.    Choosing the venue [Read More]

3 Keys For Planning Your Wedding

If you are interested in getting the most out of your special day, you have to make sure everyone dresses the part. In addition to determining color schemes and finding outfits for the bridal party, it's crucial that you find the wedding dress that looks amazing on you. From here, you'll be able to nail down the many other details that need to be settled for you to get the most out of your wedding. [Read More]

Planning A Last-Minute Wedding? 5 Ways To Reduce Stress And Still Create A Great Day

Planning a wedding doesn't have to take six months or a year; you can create a great party that everyone will love even if you have as little as a few weeks to plan.  Here are five key factors to make it work: Bundle Tasks and Bills The fewer contracts you must negotiate and the fewer different vendors you deal with, the easier planning will be. Look for a wedding reception venue that handles many — or practically all — of the various aspects of the reception. [Read More]