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Planning A Seasonal Wedding? Think Of The Following Things

A wedding planned around a season can be quite fun, but still requires a lot of planning to make sure the big day doesn't have any major surprises. Whether you want a winter wonderland wedding with a snowy white theme or you want to share your vows under a clear blue sky, here are things you should think of when planning a seasonal wedding.

Your backup plan

What if a blizzard comes on the day of your wedding? What if that outdoor wedding you have planned is interrupted by high winds or a big rainstorm? What if your spring wedding is suddenly taken over by an unexpected rain or wind storm? When you plan a wedding around a season, the weather can change in an instant and cause you to have to engage your backup plan for your nuptials.

This is even the case for an indoor wedding. For example, if a storm arrives during a winter wedding, it might hold up guests who are traveling by plane, so stay on top of those unexpected season-related events by having a backup wedding venue or date, just in case.

Your menu items

Spring and summer might be the best time of year to have fresh foods at your wedding, as seasonal fruits and veggies are easy to find. For the fall and winter, these items may be harder to come by, so try to plan your menu with items that can be stored for a long time or ordered in bulk weeks before your wedding. This way, your menu doesn't have to be changed due to unavailability. For example, a fancy fresh fruit plate with wine and cheese planned may be more unavailable during winter than summer.

Other menu items that can be more scarce at certain times of year include some meats and cheeses. Additionally, prices can fluctuate due to availability and travel. If you have a caterer, ask what their experience is with having certain foods at a wedding or other event at certain times of the year. Their input can really help you plan your menu accordingly.

A wedding based around a season can be a great idea, but make sure you plan accordingly. Your wedding will be a great success if you have a backup plan, have the right menu items for the time of year, and if you maintain a flexible mentality throughout the planning process. For more information, contact a company like Pristine Chapel Lakeside.