Getting Married On A Boat? Here's Some Ideas

The days when couples typically held their wedding ceremonies in a church only are beginning to change. Today's modern couples are thinking outside of the box, opting for more unusual locations like the beach, a museum, or even on a boat. If you've decided that you want your big day to take place out at sea, the venue will be incredible but also a bit challenging. Here are a few fun ideas to ensure your wedding is perfect and fun for all of your guests.

5 Reasons People Get Married At A Chapel In Vegas

If you are thinking of getting married, Las Vegas could be the perfect place. Weddings in Las Vegas can be as memorable and traditional as those performed in a typical setting, or they can be as fun and entertaining as the attractions in Vegas. Here are a few reasons to get married in Vegas: One-stop Shopping With a conventional wedding, you may have to hire multiple vendors to handle your ceremony.

Defining Details: Wedding Flowers And Their Various Forms Explained

Going headfirst into wedding planning can make any lady's head feel dizzy. There is so much to decide, and so many details that each have their own extra options. One such detail is the wedding flowers. Wedding flowers take on numerous forms, and you have to decide what and how to wear them, decorate with them and present them. To unravel this bit of confusion, here are the various forms wedding flowers take, and why you might prefer one form over the next.