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5 Reasons People Get Married At A Chapel In Vegas

If you are thinking of getting married, Las Vegas could be the perfect place. Weddings in Las Vegas can be as memorable and traditional as those performed in a typical setting, or they can be as fun and entertaining as the attractions in Vegas. Here are a few reasons to get married in Vegas:

One-stop Shopping

With a conventional wedding, you may have to hire multiple vendors to handle your ceremony. You may need a florist, an officiator, a wedding planner, a photographer and a musician. However, many wedding chapels in Las Vegas offer wedding packages that are all-inclusive. You don't have to be concerned about flowers, wedding attire or even a singer. In addition, the chapels may supply an official witness for your special event at no additional cost.

A gown, veil and shoes for the bride can often be rented onsite. Tuxedos are available for the groom, and if you are planning to bring along a wedding party, you can even rent dresses and tuxedos for your bridesmaids, flower girls and groomsmen. 

If the bride would like her hair and makeup professionally styled, the chapel may have available stylists on site. This option can be selected for an additional fee.  

Since you can choose from numerous wedding packages, no pre-planning is necessary. You can marry your significant other without the hassle and stress of traditional wedding planning.

Vow Renewals

If you are already married, you may want to renew your vows in Las Vegas. Many of the same wedding options that are available to people who are getting married for the first time are also available for people who are renewing their vows. DVDs, photographs and keepsakes provided by the wedding chapel can become treasured reminders of an anniversary or vow renewal ceremony.

Unique Wedding Themes

Some Las Vegas chapels offer unique wedding themes that may be difficult to find anywhere else, such as Elvis-based ceremonies. 

Affordable Wedding Options

One of the best benefits of getting married in Vegas is the reduced cost. Traditional weddings can cost thousands of dollars. However, a wedding at a chapel in Las Vegas can be performed for as little as $40.

Convenient Booking

You do have to reserve a chapel for your wedding. However, booking a chapel is usually quick and easy. In addition, if you don't have time for a full service, you can choose a drive-through wedding. 

If you love Vegas, consider getting married in a chapel there. The ceremony can be performed at the venue you choose, away from any unwanted guests or prying eyes. Call a wedding chapel in Las Vegas or go to a website link to learn about available packages and pricing.