Designing My Dream Wedding

Using Two Wedding Day Venues? Show Your Guests Some Love!

When it comes to wedding venues, sometimes one just isn't enough. Whether you want to marry in a church, on a clifftop at sunset, or just at your favorite venue, not every ceremony space can also accommodate your reception. 

If you plan to host your big day in two or more venues, there's one aspect that you may want to give a little more attention to. This is caring for your guests. Why? And how can you show that you appreciate them? Here are some answers to your questions. 

Why Show Guests Appreciation?

Should you make your guests feel a little more special when there are multiple venues involved? Yes. Arriving at one venue and staying there is simple, but navigating a transfer to another one or two venues asks more of them. They may all need to arrange further transportation and spend more time to include travel time. 

These are your loved ones, and they undoubtedly want to celebrate your love with you. However, the choice to hold your ceremony elsewhere is done to make your day even more special and meaningful for you. So it only makes sense to then put the effort in to make your family and friends feel special for making the journey with you. 

How Can You Show Appreciation?

So, how can you show your guests how much you appreciate them? Start by choosing two venues that are close together. Make your base whichever venue is closest to your heart, and then find a suitable complementary venue within just a short driving distance. Walking distance is even better. You may need to compromise on your second venue in some areas. 

Prepare extra gifts for your guests to thank them for attending both venues. Step up your wedding favor game in order to provide everyone with a little something they'll really enjoy once they arrive at the second venue. Then, arrange for entertainment while they wait. This could be anything from a live band or a belly dancer to a full photo booth or games they can play. 

Finally, consider arranging transportation for some. Make sure your VIP guests or those with specific needs get to the second venue on time and without stress. 

Where Should You Start?

As mentioned, the first step is to locate your dream venue for one portion of the wedding day. No matter whether it's the ceremony space or the reception location, this choice will inform all your other decisions about the second (or even third) venues. Tour wedding venue options today to get started.