Designing My Dream Wedding

Stay Under Budget With Certain Wedding Venue Priorities

Before planning your wedding, you may think about the kind of ceremony and reception you want to experience with your partner and loved ones. You may know that a simple wedding will more than satisfy your demands and expectations in most or all ways. This kind of wedding is also perfect for staying under budget, which you may feel determined to accomplish.

Figuring out what to prioritize for a venue will help you stay under budget with confidence.

Guest Capacity

One of the things that can quickly increase the cost of your wedding is guest capacity. A large wedding can become expensive because you often pay a certain amount per person.

Prioritizing a small and intimate wedding where you only invite your immediate family and closest friends can help you enjoy a budget-friendly wedding. Also, you will still be able to pick from a large collection of small and beautiful venues that fit into your desired price range.


While checking out venues, you want to analyze each place's packages. Many venues will offer a wide variety of wedding packages ranging from basic to complex with many services. You can pick a simple package that covers all the essentials in your situation. Also, a major cost factor in your wedding is the type of catering because some foods are rather costly.

Opting for affordable dishes and skipping an open bar can help you stay under budget. Another strategy is to skip specific package offerings and handle them on your own. A great example is creating your own decorations and wedding favors, which will help you minimize costs.

When you look at your music options, you can choose a venue that allows you to play your own music from their speaker system instead of using a live band or DJ.


An important detail to analyze is the location of each venue. For instance, you may notice that venues in urban areas and high-density neighborhoods have a higher base reservation cost. You may notice that venues in rural areas are more affordable because land is not as costly. This fact makes it worth prioritizing venues outside of city centers to avoid budget complications.

When you get engaged, you may want to begin planning your wedding ceremony and reception. By considering these venue-related details, you can feel confident about staying under budget and enjoying an incredible wedding with your partner, family, and friends.

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