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Tips For Finding The Perfect Winter Wedding Venue

For many engaged couples, a winter wedding provides them with a more unique setting to start the rest of their lives. However, if you live in a cooler climate, there are several other factors you must consider when finding the ideal venue for your perfect winter wedding. Here are a few simple tips to help you locate the winter wedding venue of your dreams.

Consider the Location and the Weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable so if you are planning a wedding during months where it can snow, choose a location that is easily accessible from main roads. Avoid a destination that is on a mountain or is a long drive from a major city. You might wind up getting snowed into your wedding venue.

Also, look for a place that has adequate parking and that the walk from the car to the venue is short and can accommodate those who are older or have a physical disability. This is especially important to consider because sidewalks and walkways can become slippery very quickly in winter.

Look for an Indoor and Outdoor Location

Many couples are faced with the dilemma of choosing an indoor or outdoor venue. Getting married outdoors during winter can be tricky, so make sure to choose a venue that has an outdoor and indoor option. If the weather turns, you can easily alter your plans and set up your wedding in the indoor venue. Additionally, the indoor space will provide a place for people to warm up after the ceremony or during the reception.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider setting up the ceremony under a tent. This will keep your guests shielded from the snow and cold.

Ask About Winter Wedding Amenities  

Finally, when you are shopping around for venues, ask the owner about any amenities that are included for outdoor and indoor winter weddings. For example, ask if the cost of outdoor heaters, plowing, shoveling, and spreading deicer on the parking lot and walkways are included in the rental cost. Many wedding venues also feature lower rates in the winter, as this is considered the off-season.

Ask about any discounts available and include the potential costs of keeping your guests warm and safe during the ceremony included in your final wedding budget.

A huge aspect of planning a successful winter wedding is finding the ideal venue. When looking for a venue, make sure the venue has indoor and outdoor options, has plenty of safe parking, and can easily be accessed by friends and family.