Designing My Dream Wedding

Planning A Last-Minute Wedding? 5 Ways To Reduce Stress And Still Create A Great Day

Planning a wedding doesn't have to take six months or a year; you can create a great party that everyone will love even if you have as little as a few weeks to plan.  Here are five key factors to make it work:

Bundle Tasks and Bills

The fewer contracts you must negotiate and the fewer different vendors you deal with, the easier planning will be. Look for a wedding reception venue that handles many — or practically all — of the various aspects of the reception. This could include decorations, catering, the cake, cleanup, photo backgrounds, and music. If your venue doesn't offer all these services, try to opt for vendors that can provide several things under the same umbrella, such a caterer that can include a cake. 

Don't Be Too Formal

Weddings normally come with a lot of tradition and ritual, but if you're planning one at the last minute, you would do well to save yourself the extra steps. Rather than choosing, printing, and mailing regular invitations, for instance, use email invitations, online RSVP services, or a few telephone calls and texts to save time and money. You can also consider skipping unnecessary wedding add-ons — things like a rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or group dances. 

Choose Local

Local vendors and stores are likely to be your quickest and easiest route to getting what you need in time. Avoid exotic imports and items with long lag times when it comes to shopping for the flowers, bridal dress, bridal party wear, and centerpieces. Plan your attire for the current or incoming season to make it easier to find dresses and decorations. 

Keep Decor Simple

Once again, your reception venue can save a lot of time. Look for a venue that has a lot of natural charm. Inherent charm means different things to different couples, though: it could mean a nice outdoor setting, a room with a good view, or a funky local eatery that appeals to you. The upside to finding a space that already reflects what makes you happy is that it won't take much effort to dress it up for your wedding or reception. Stick with simpler decorations that come with fewer distinct parts that require assembly.  

Be Flexible

Because you don't have as much control over last minute arrangements, you should be open and flexible about your big day. Choose the few elements that are most important to you and let the other things go. Be determined to enjoy your day and not stress about what you could or couldn't have done differently. 

Put these guidelines into practice as you set out to plan your own last-minute wedding, and then you can start enjoying this new chapter in your life sooner than you thought possible.