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Cold-Weather Wedding: Winter Flowers Can Steal The Show

If you are getting married in winter, you might feel discouraged because of the limited availability of flowers compared to other seasons, especially summer and fall. However, if you really embrace winter flora and foliage, you can create some truly unique and stunning floral arrangements for your wedding. Winter has so much to offer, and with the help of your local florist, you can enjoy a beautifully decorated wedding. Here are some great reasons and ideas for choosing winter flowers for your cold-weather wedding. 


Seasonal flowers are always less costly than flowers that are not in season. Non-seasonal flowers have to imported from farther away, and they are not as good in quality once they arrive. Setting your heart on something like peonies when your wedding is in January will only break your wedding budget. 


There's a common misconception that winter flowers are not as beautiful or as colorful as spring and summer varieties. While summer blooms do offer bright colors like yellows, golds, and pinks, these colors are usually not suitable for a winter wedding anyway. Common winter flowers colors include:

  1. Deep purple. The grape hyacinth blooms from November to May, and it has a fragrant smell and lovely indigo color that matches a scheme with any shade of purple or navy blue. 
  2. Deep or light pink. Pink is not for summer alone. Cyclamen is one of the most revered winter flowers, and it has a range of colors from blush pink to magenta. If your winter color palette features red, deep green, or burgundy, these flowers will fit right in next to a brighter red flower. 
  3. White. Calla lilies offer a simplicity and grace that reflects the winter world around you, achieving an elegance with their simple shape and color. These flowers are excellent for a foliage-heavy bouquet, and they look great with a wedding theme of snow or Christmas. The Star of Bethlehem is another beautiful white flower that looks stunning in a winter design. 
  4. Red. Where would a winter color palette be without red? Deep red colors bring a richness to a winter wedding that no other season can replicate. Your florists can add red berries to a floral design, or you can ask for red carnations, roses, or ranunculus, which all have lovely deep coloring,


Nothing is quite so stunning as seeing flowers against winter foliage. In summer and fall, the abundance of flowers allows for them to stand alone, but by adding in winter greens, you can really highlight the shape and beauty of the winter blooms you've picked, while also creating a warm, inviting feeling to your wedding by bringing more nature indoors.