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3 Tips for Avoiding Wedding-Day Disasters

Wedding-day disasters can taint you and your spouse's memories of your special day. In some instances, many disasters are avoidable with careful planning. Here are some of the most common disasters that occur and how you can avoid them.  

Find a Backup Wedding Venue

Disaster can strike on your wedding day if your venue is suddenly unavailable. For instance, a flood could fill the venue, or rain could pour down on your outside wedding. To avoid this, you need to have a backup wedding venue.  

The backup wedding venue does not have to be as glamorous as your first choice, but it needs to be something you can live with if you do wind up using it for your wedding. Before exploring other options, talk to the manager at your original venue. He or she might have a secondary location that can be used just in case disaster occurs.  

As an added measure, ensure that the backup venue has the capabilities to handle any situation. For instance, find out if the venue has backup generators that can be used if the power goes out.  

Talk to a variety of venues, such as Castle McCulloch, to find some that are right for your wedding.

Call Your Vendors Before the Wedding

One of the worst things that can happen on your big day is that one of the vendors does not show up or is late. For instance, a caterer who does not show up can leave you and your guests without food to enjoy at the reception. 

To prevent a vendor-related disaster, contact every vendor or provider that you are using on your wedding date. Call them at least one week before the wedding. Keep track of each person with whom you speak. In addition to confirming the date and time, ensure that the vendor is clear on which services you are expecting. If changes need to be made, they still have a week to take care of them.  

Schedule a Fitting With All Party Members

Depending on the amount of time between your wedding party purchasing their outfits and your wedding day, it is possible that someone's outfit will not be fit to wear on your wedding day. For instance, your party members could have lost or gained weight, or the outfit could be torn.  

At least a week before the wedding, schedule a fitting with all the party members. You can make a party out of it to make it a less stressful affair. Just make sure you have checked everyone's outfit to make sure they are ready for your big day. If not, try to have a professional available who can make changes or repairs.