Designing My Dream Wedding

Three Destination Wedding Tips For Your Special Day

Whether you plan to get married in Baja, Mexico or New York City, having a wedding in a location that everyone must travel to can be a challenge. To have the day of your dreams with a destination wedding, you'll need to do a lot of planning and preparation. Here are a few tips you can use to make the event go well for you and your guests.

Look for Ways to Cut Costs for Guests

While you may be thrilled to have a wedding that is far away from your home, be aware that others may have to scramble to get the time off from work and figure out how they will be able to afford your wedding. Make things easier for them by covering costs where you are able to.

For instance, you might arrange for transportation to the airport so that family members and friends don't have to pay parking costs. You may investigate booking a block of rooms so that every room is discounted and everyone can save money on their lodgings.

Remember the Weather

When planning a destination wedding, it is easy to get excited about the destination and the sights; it is also easy to forget that the weather may not be as accommodating as you hope. If you plan to travel to the Caribbean, for example, it is smart to plan a wedding that doesn't fall within the traditional hurricane season of June 1 to November 30. Check the historical temperatures and weather conditions for the date of your wedding so that you have some idea of what you may be in for.

Check on the Menu

If you plan to use local vendors to create your reception menu and cake, it's important to realize that local tastes might be different than what you like. For example, the cake might be much sweeter than you want or the meat might be much spicier than you expect. If you get a chance to go to your wedding destination before the wedding, don't skip the step of visiting the caterer you want to use and sampling foods to ensure that everything tastes the way you want it to.

You might also want to have very basic dishes on hand for those who aren't as adventurous with their eating as you are. For example, if you are getting married in Jamaica and love jerk chicken, remember that your grandmother might not. Ensure there are as many options as possible.

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